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Further details of our services

Free Keys2Drive Lesson

Keys2drive is a Government funded program to promote better driving skills to reduce road accidents and fatalities on the roads. A free 60 minute lesson is available to learners, check out the website for more details of the program. Enter your details on the keys2drive website to get your free lesson code and then ring Jim, your keys2drive accredited driving instructor, with the code to book the lesson.

Log Book - Your Learning Journey

In 2001 after 50 hours of log book entries, my clients were ready for their test.
Now you need 100 hours for the same result, practice with purpose.
How many hours have you done? Are you ready for your test?

Practice, Patience, Purpose = Precision, Pass, P’s

When you practice your motor skills correctly you will then progress
to cognitive skills and you will master driving in traffic.
Unless you can master the car in traffic
your confidence will not develop.
It’s my desire to help you achieve this.
Sometimes it takes lots of effort,
other times little effort
it’s up to you
to learn.

My service as an instructor is to facilitate your learning journey,
I’m responsible to teach but it’s your responsibility to learn.

Your Driving Test

There are three major days in your life;

Your practical driving test
First day at work
Wedding day

My question to you is, how safe will you be once you are driving independently? Are you ready?
My pass rate is high, I consider my client to be ready if they have practiced properly.
I can help you with what you need to know and prepare for your test.
It’s easy if you are prepared to practice and do it right.
I can help you get ready for your test.
I can’t do what you must do for yourself, practice correctly.
It is your responsibility to learn and do it right.

I have a high pass rate with overseas license conversions with thorough detail.
Driving according to the conditions and obeying the Road Rules are critical.
Your ability to drive like you did overseas is totally irrelevant.
Spend a few hours with me and get it right the first time.
The time and knowledge I can give you will be priceless.
If you fail, your overseas license will be cancelled.

Punam lg

"I enjoyed our lessons James, You made me feel comfortable, thank you." - Punam.


warning sign

Safe Driving and the Client's Responsibility

For most young people learning to drive is a big step from youth to being a responsible young adult.
For many this is a daunting task. We give them responsibility that goes with the freedom of
having a driver's licence and teach them to apply the road rules when they are shown.
The learning process is different according to each individual's ability.
Their maturity is evident when they act responsibly.

Every client will be treated equally as an adult. They will be given a few
driving tips on a sheet of paper and on the bottom line is:
I have ability.

Responsibility means to respond to the ability that is in me.
I have ability and I need to respond to it.
They are encouraged to read it after their lesson.


question mark

What We Do

We have structured lesson topics,
we observe improvement from the last lesson and
then ask what you want to learn next or
advise you on what’s next.

There will be:

Introduction and purpose for the learning.
Outcome outlined.
A reason.
Key points explained and demonstrated.
Feedback and the client will try out.
The new procedure.

We instruct by:

Showing diagrams and pictures, with explanation.
Talking our client through a learning process.

After the lesson it is our client's responsibility to apply the learning and practice until
they improve their driving technique to perform the task well with no effort.


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Why We Do

We empower you with the knowledge to drive relative to the: conditions, traffic and road users.
We encourage you to a greater awareness of other road users.
It’s important for you to learn in a safe environment.



New Drivers

We provide 36 pages of valuable information for new drivers. Strategies for practice, advice for supervising drivers, the speed factor, why accidents happen and learning the language.


Feel comfortable before you go out on your own. If you have the appropriate child restraints, learn with your children in the back seat.

Free Lesson

Keys2drive equips parents/supervisors with a practical coaching approach. It helps learner drivers prepare for P plate driving and beyond.
It focuses particularly on remaining free of harm during the first six months, when risks are at their highest.

Keys2drive encourages aware, sustainable, safe driving and is a great foundation for lifelong, self-guided learning.

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With each Keys2drive lesson, we also include:

Supervisor's Guides

Action Pack

Road maps

P’s safe indicator

and other relevant training aids.

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Office Hours

6am to 7pm
Sunday to Friday
  • Keys2drive is a Government funded program to promote better driving skills to reduce road accidents and fatalities on the roads.

    A free 60 minute lesson is available to learners, check out the website for more details of the program.

    Enter your details on the keys2drive website to get your free lesson code and then ring Jim, your keys2drive accredited driving instructor, with the code to book the lesson.

cars and student

  • 1 Hour Driving Lesson
  • $50
  • 1 Hour Driving Lesson
  • Fully Insured
  • Cash or Bank Transfer
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  • 2 Hour Driving Test
  • $125
  • 2 hour Driving Test
  • Fully Insured
  • Cash or Bank Transfer
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  • 3 Hr Test Preparation
  • $150
  • 3 hr Test Prep.
  • Fully Insured
  • Cash or Bank Transfer
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  • 5 x 1 Hr Lessons
  • $250
  • 5 x 1 hr Lessons
  • Fully Insured
  • Cash or Bank Transfer
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  • 10 x 1 Hr Lessons
  • $500
  • 10 x 1 hr Lessons*
  • Fully Insured
  • Cash or Bank Transfer
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*10 Lesson program includes: - Driver preparation - Steering - Foot controls - Roundabouts - Reverse Parking - Lane changing - Visual searching - Night driving - Traffic lights - Safe gaps - Safety in traffic.
+ Bonus Holiday Offer - details here
This learning journey is conditional on your ability to relax and learn.

24 hours notice of cancellation is required, or the lesson will be charged at full rate.

Terms and conditions apply.




"James focuses on what's needed to pass the test."

He was on point since day one, first analysing my errors and mistakes, then showing me the correct way.
Very polite and friendly instructor who makes learning so much fun.


"Your honest and candid approach helped a lot."
May I take this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation to you for the assistance you provided to David during his time with you.
Your approach helped David a lot and contributed to the success in getting his driver’s license.


"I was ready for my test well before the log book was completed."

" We did 2 hours each week until I had over 100 hours in my book. I finally did my test and felt relaxed beforehand. When we returned I was told it was a good drive, “You did everything right."



"Jim was an excellent teacher."

"I found the lesson an extremely educational experience. My favourite part of the whole lesson was when
Jim showed Mum and I how to do practical foot control and clutch control when Mum and I practise together.
I am so grateful for the knowledge Jim was able to provide me with!"



"Jim was very patient and understanding."

I especially liked how he taught my daughter the manual side of driving with such a thorough demonstration. He taught me what techniques we can use whilst practicing by ourselves.
I would definitely recommend the driving academy to anyone!!



"I couldn’t have achieved what I did without you."

Thank you for all of your help, time and patience when teaching me how to drive. I would probably still be ignoring stop signs!

We are impressed with keys2drive and it has helped a lot. With all my thanks, Holly.

P. S. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who needs a hand with their driving.



"Jim was immediately able to pinpoint minor flaws."

The most important part of my lessons with Jim was that he was able to almost immediately pinpoint minor flaws that we had not picked up on. These flaws were quickly and easily dealt with in lessons that were casual and easy to understand.



"Jim has made me a safer driver."

I have learned to scan ahead and be aware of my surroundings, so that I am prepared for threats before they occur. Jim was very friendly and encouraging, with clear explanations which increased my confidence.



"I passed my test first go, thank you Jim."

I went for a lesson with Jim early and he helped me with my car control and confidence. I was happy knowing I was practicing properly.
When I had my hours up we brushed up on my reverse parking and road awareness in heavy traffic. This was just the preparation I needed to do my driving test.


Mrs Jackson

"With Jim I regained control and confidence."

In the first hour with Jim I regained my car control and confidence in a quiet area.
The next time we drove in medium level traffic. Once I felt more comfortable Jim showed me how to drive in roundabouts.
By the end of the second lesson I felt I was ready to go and drive my new car.


Nu Tha

"The learning was fun and enjoyable."

My English was not very good and Jim’s pictures and diagrams were very easy to understand. This helped me to learn to drive in different situations.

The learning was fun and enjoyable. I passed first go.



"I am more relaxed in heavy traffic."

Jim helped me with my steering and showed me better visual searching skills.
I had never driven in the city centre and this helped me to respond a lot earlier to other road users.
He showed me some safety procedures that enabled me to drive a lot more confidently in traffic and still keep my mobility.



"I passed first go!"

After just one hour my visual searching and mobility in traffic improved. This made it easier to keep up with the flow of traffic. Parking worked out to be easy once Jim explained the angles.

The three one hour lessons with Jim before my test were all I needed.



"Jim helped me cope with heavy traffic."

Jim helped me with my steering. His lesson plans and pictures are good .It was easy to learn to park. With practice we got it right.

His visual searching techniques and car control gave me more confidence in traffic and helped me to cope with heavy traffic and traffic lights.



"Jim was excellent and I would recommend him."

Jim’s professional approach and structured lesson plans were easy to follow. He was patient with Sarah giving her positive feedback and encouragement.



"Jim explained and showed me what I needed to know."

Jim explained to me and showed me what I needed to know by getting out and demonstrating what to do. This made it easy to understand why and how to do what I need to learn.



"James made me feel comfortable."

I enjoyed our lesson James, you made me feel comfortable thank you. I liked your car, it’s compact and easy to drive. Now I feel confident and want to take your car for the test.



"James taught both my daughters."

James taught both my daughters and after two years driving, they are still safe. Not one crash.


Terms & Conditions

- All driving lessons are subject to at least 24 hours notice of cancellation. Jim's Driving Academy retains the right to charge the full tuition fee if driving lesson is not cancelled or client does not show up for lesson.

- Jim's Driving Academy reserves the right to refuse the hire or use of car when taking the VORT test.

- Special offers are not available to clients who have previously held a driving licence.

- Special offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

- All vouchers and lessons paid in advance are valid for 6 months.

- Jim's Driving Academy accepts no liability for personal property left in vehicle.

Tabitha got 100% right first time.